Assisting disabled individuals to achieve ambitions.


Benefits of Life Coaching for disabled individuals.

It is easy to simply associate Life Coaching with high profile individuals such as Bill Gates, however, coaching can benefit society as a whole and none more so than disabled individuals. Read on as Nath (our director and a NCFE qualified Life Coach) outlines the plethora of benefits that Life Coaching can bring to disabled individuals.
Nath Fernandes - Qualified Life Coach - Life Coaching for Disabled Individuals

It has always been my passion to share my ‘can-do’ attitude to assist other disabled individuals whether through Mentoring or Life Coaching as it’s my belief that, given the correct tools, anyone can achieve their ambitions regardless of any impairments.

What is a Life Coach?

The term can easily be confused with therapy or counselling, Life Coaching is neither of these. Rather than focusing on the emotional aspect of these services, it is more about using ones skills and training to assist you to make your own decisions and create solutions. This is achieved by the setting of SMART goals which then both parties are able to crunch down into, more achievable ‘sub targets’ over a set number of (or ongoing) sessions. Over these sessions, the coach may set the client ‘homework’ with the intention of working towards ones main target.

How can Life Coaching help me or my client?

Life with a disability can be challenging at times, especially if one has the added stress of attending appointments etc alongside daily tasks. Indeed, it may feel like an endless juggling act, however, a Life Coach can assist you to focus on what matters most whether it be improving your health and wellbeing or simply enhancing time management.

Through setting and the achievement of SMART goals, coaching can also overcoming low self-esteem which is commonly known to be a barrier to success amongst the disabled community.

How can we help?

All of our Life Coaching sessions are delivered by our director, Nath Fernandes who is a qualified Life Coach with Cerebral Palsy. Having a disability himself allows for an unrivalled service combining first-hand experience with professional knowledge to assist you or your client to achieve ambitions.
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