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The unique blend of professional knowledge from our network of HCPC Registered Occupational Therapists coupled with first hand experience makes us experts in providing Life Coaching and Occupational Therapy. We understand that you may want to access our services fast, which is why we aim to arrange a ‘Meet and Greet’ within one week of your initial enquiry. For each of our clients, we follow our ‘Life Tree’ approach outlined below, however, if you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – info@coachingandtherapypeople.uk.

We are proud to be an Associate member of the Association of Coaching.


The Life Tree Approach.

FREE ‘Meet and Greet’

We understand that the relationship between you and us is key in ensuring that we can assist in the best possible way to achieve goals or ambitions. Before engaging with our services, we offer a FREE ‘Meet and Greet’ either over Zoom or in person (travel fees apply), giving you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have or simply to have a chat and get a flavour of our unique approach to ensure that we are the right match for you.

Initial Consultation

We begin by conducting a thorough initial consultation, giving us the opportunity to get to know your background and what matters most i.e. aspirations. This provides us with a solid foundation on which we can work with you to, for example, set SMART goals enabling them to maximise your potential. During the consultation, you are in control as to how much information is shared with us and we will always be transparent in who we share your information with i.e. other therapists or professionals.

Regular Contact

After identifying your goals during the consultation, we will mutually agree whether sessions will be on a rolling basis, whether that be weekly, fortnightly etc or predetermined beforehand. You are in control of the amount of input we have and can terminate the sessions at anytime if you no longer feel the benefit of our services, we simply require two weeks notice.

Regular Updates and Progress Reports 

During the initial consultation or when we are working with you to set SMART goals, we will also discuss whether these are short term (six weeks) or long term (six months). At these intervals (or during our client sessions), we will meet with you to collaboratively write a progress report, outlining the steps that have been taken towards achieving ones SMART goals which then can then be shared with the appropriate therapists and professionals (subject to approval).

We are also happy to work alongside or within a MDT enabling us to share and receive information, allowing us to provide you with a ‘holistic’ approach.


An Example (RJ).

After conducting an initial needs assessment, it was identified by RJ and the OT that one of his goals was to improve his health and wellbeing. Using Nath’s prior knowledge of Adaptive Yoga, he was able to contact a local Yoga teacher offering this service and arrange a taster session. As a result of RJ’s complex needs, we worked alongside his Multi Disciplinary Team (comprising of a Physiotherapist) and himself to seek out products such as wedges enabling him to feel the full benefit of the session. After the session, he felt positive and relaxed and plans to do weekly sessions in the near future.


Get In Touch or Make A Referral.

Do you feel that you or your client could benefit from our services? Please use the form below to get in touch or make a referral on behalf of your client. Alternatively, you can email us – info@coachingandtherapypeople.uk.

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